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Established in 1973, Basic Rubber & Plastics Company has been a family-owned and -operated company for over 41 years. We specialize in manufacturing the highest quality custom-molded, die cut, and fabricated products of rubber and plastic, and doing so with the utmost precision. The repeatability of our products, accuracy to original specifications, and our consistent on-time delivery, has earned us the trust and business of the U.S. Government, Military and OEM's. Our in-house production capabilities and on-site processing operations have resulted in cost efficiencies and customer-satisfaction.

Basic Rubber & Plastics Co. holds itself to the highest standards when it comes to quality and dependability. This has been synonymous with our company name since we opened our doors. We achieve these standards by monitoring every phase of production and by maintaining strict quality control throughout the entire process. Our inspection instruments and procedures are equal to, or exceed, the specifications denoted by our customers, which helps us to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction with our products.


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