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Military Specifications

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A-A-52444 Gaskets, Combination of Metal and Non-Asbestos Facing Material
A-A-59588 Rubber Silicone
AMS 7276G Rings, Seals, Fluorocarbon Rubber High-Temperature Fluid Resistant
AMS-3216F Flourocarbon (FKM) Rubber, High-Termperature, Fluid Resistant, Low Compression Set
AMS-3270J Chloroprene (CR) Rubber Sheet Cotton Fabric Reinforced, Weather Resistant
AMS-7276G Rings, Sealing, Fluorocarbon Rubber, High-Temperature, Fluid Resistant, Low Compression Set
AMS-C-6183 Cork and Rubber Composition Sheet for Aromatic Fuel and Oil Resistant Gaskets
ASTM D2000-03A Rubber Products in Automotive Applications
ASTM F104-2003 Nonmetallic Gasket Materials
ASTM-D1056-07 Flexible Cellular Materials - Sponge or Expanded Rubber 1,2
ASTM-D1710 91A PTFE Basic Shapes, Rod and Heavy-Walled Tubing
ASTM-D-6576 Flexible Cellular Rubber Chemically Blown
C-F-206 Felt Sheet
DOD-I-24688 Insulation Panel Open Cell Polyamine Foam
HH-C-576B Cork Sheet
HH-P-151F Cloth Inserted Rubber
HH-P-31F Packing and Lagging Material
HH-P-96 G Paper, Gasket Fiber (Animal or Plant) Sheet
MIL-B-117E Bags, Sleeves and Tubing
MIL-C-6133 C Cellular Elastomeric Materials, Molded or Fabricated Parts
MIL-C-6183B Cork and Rubber Composition Sheet for Aromatic Fuel and Oil Resistant Gaskets
MIL-C-882E Cloth Inserted Rubber
MIL-D-24709(SH) Distributed Isolation Material
MIL-DTL-117H Bags, Heat Sealable
MIL-DTL-15562G Matting or Sheet Floor Covering, Insulating for High-Voltage Applications
MIL-G-1086E Gasket Material, Synthetic Rubber (For Bolted Steel Tanks)
MIL-G-11491D Glass Washer, Electric, Portable
MIL-G-1149C Gasket Materials, Synthetic Rubber, 50 and 65 Durameter Hardness
MIL-G-12803 Cancelled see ASTM-F-104-03
MIL-G-12803C Gasket Material, Non-Metallic
MIL-G-15324E Gaskets, Metallic, Spiral Wound for Boilers
MIL-G-21610C Gaskets, Heat Exchanger
MIL-G-24696-1A Gasket Sheet, Non-Asbestos, Size and Tolerances
MIL-G-3036C Grommets, Rubber Hot Oil and Coolant Resistant
MIL-H-46354 Headrest, Optical Instruments
MIL-I-22344D Insulated, Pipe, Thermal, Fibrous Glass
MIL-I-45208 Inspection Systems Requirements
MIL-L-40069D Leather, Cattle Hide, Chrome Tanned, Cold-Climate
MIL-M-910F Mats, Floor Standing
MIL-P-116J See Mil-STD-2073 (Methods of Preservation)
MIL-P-14401 Pads, Cushioning, Personnel Protection, Vehicular
MIL-P-15280J Plastic Material Unicellular
MIL-P-23199E Packaging and Packing Requirements for Special Purpose Components and Repair Parts
MIL-P-4861C Packing, Performed, Rubber
MIL-P-5510C Packing, Preformed, Straight Thread Tube
MIL-P-5516 Packing, Preformed Petroleum Hydraulic
MIL-P-82745 Packing, Preformed, Hydraulic Oil Compatible
MIL-P-83461/1B Packing, Preformed, Hydraulic Fluid Resistant
MIL-P-83461B Packing, Preformed, Petroleum, Hydraulic Fluid Resistant, Improved Performance
MIL-PRF-1149D Syntehtic Rubber 50/65D
MIL-PRF-121G Barrier Materials, Greaseproof, Waterproof, Flexible Heat-Sealable
MIL-PRF-15624F Rubber 50D
MIL-PRF-22191D Barrier Materials, Transparent, Flexible, Heat-Sealable
MIL-PRF-900F Rubber Gasket Material, 45 Durometer Hardness
MIL-QQ-P-416F Plating Cadmium
MIL-R-14328B Rubber Sheet, Synthetic, Medium Soft, General-Purpose Gasket Material (for Extreme Climatic Conditions)
MIL-R-15624E Rubber Gasket, 50 Duro Max
MIL-R-25988B Fluoro-Elastomer
MIL-R-2765D Rubber Sheet Strip
MIL-R-3065E Rubber Fabricated Products
MIL-R-46098C Rubber, Sponge, Silicone, Closed Cell
MIL-R-6130C Rubber, Cellular, Chemically Blown
MIL-R-6855/1 Rubber, Synthetic Sheets
MIL-R-6855/5 Rubber Synthetic Sheets, Channel Extruded
MIL-R-6855E Rubber Synthetic Sheets, Strips, Molded and Extruded
MIL-R-7362D Rubber, Synthetic, Solid, Sheet, Strip and Fabricated Parts, Synthetic Oil Resistant
MIL-R-83248-1 Rubber, Fluorocarbon Elastometers, High-Performace Fluid and Compression Set Resistant
MIL-R-83248-2 Rubber, Fluorocarbon Elastomers, High-Performance Fluid and Compression Set Resistant
MIL-R-83248C Fluoro-Elastomer
MIL-83285 Rubber, Ethylene-Propylene, General Purpose
MIL-R-83397A Rubber, Polyurethane, Castable, Humidity Resistant
MIL-R-8791D Retainer, Packing, Hydraulic and Pneumatic TFE
MIL-R-900F Gasket Material, Rubber 45 Duro
MIL-S-19622 Stuffing Tube, Nylon
MIL-S-45351 B Seal, Engine Shroud
MS-28774 Retainer, Packing Backup
MS-28775 O-Ring Specs
MS-28777C Washer, Flat, Aircraft Hydraulic Backup
MS-28778 Packing, Preformed Straight Thread Tube
MS-28782 Retainer, Packing, Back-Up Teflon
MS-28783 F Ring, Gasket, Back-Up PTFE
MS-28932 Felt Strip, Packing Gland
MS-29513 Packing, Preformed, Hydrocarbon, Fuel Resistant, O-Ring
MS29561 C Packing, Preformed, O-Ring, Synthetic Lubricant Resistant
MS-51007C Gasket, Rubber, Synthetic
NAS-1523 Packing with Retainer
SAE-AS8791 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Retainers (Back-Up Rings), Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Resin
ZZ-R-765E Silicone Rubber

Full List of Military Specifications



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Premier quality and craftsmanship trusted
by the U.S. Military

For over 35 years, Basic Rubber & Plastics Company has specialized in coating, fabricating and die-cutting for both production and prototype parts. We also deal in sub-assembly cutting and gluing operations for these parts in all sizes, shapes and styles, from simple pieces to complex configurations.

And when both the U.S. Government and Military are looking for high quality products with consistent, on-time delivery, they look no further than Basic Rubber & Plastics Co.



Basic Rubber & Plastics Co. works with a variety of materials and processes to meet the needs of the military, governmental agencies and industrial clients. On a daily basis we work with materials such as: Buna, Butyl, EPDM, Natural, Neoprene, Nitrile, Silicone, Fluorosilicone, Urethane and Viton.


Die Cutting

The die room at Basic Rubber & Plastics Co. can be utilized to suit a wide variety of operations including 2 to 4 point steel rule, serrated or razor edge, complete steel rule facility. We also utilize High-volume production equipment such as automatic stamping presses Water Jet / CNC Router equipment which reduce turnaround time and eliminate excess scrap.



Protective neoprene latex rubber coatings for military vehicles which may include: Blackout frames, Clips, Clamps, Bumpers, Boots, Pads, Hatch pads for Army tanks, Head rests for gun sites, and Seat cushions for personnel.

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